Since 2001, we have led the effort to encourage and develop hard and soft technology skills in students across Georgia.

Our Mission

千亿体育网站The Georgia Educational Student Technology Competition (GASTC) is an annual student technology competition produced by the Georgia Educational Technology Consortium. The Consortium sponsors other technology initiatives in Georgia, including the Georgia Educational Technology Conference (GaETC). The GASTC is the highest level of student technology competition in Georgia with over 750 projects, representing the work of 1000+ students, judged at the competition each March.


Finalists who receive first place at recognized regional technology fairs may compete at state. Competition is open to all 3rd through 12th grade students residing in the state. There are multiple categories in the competition.  See our Categories page for more information.


Lou Dewberry started the Georgia Educational Technology Fair in 2001. With Lou Dewberry's passing in 2007, the Fair created the Lou Dewberry Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to a participating high school senior at the state competition.  In 2016, the fair was renamed to Georgia Educational Technology Student Competition to better reflect the competitive nature of the event. The Competition has been held across the state every year since 2001.


千亿体育网站The Georgia Educational Technology Student Competition is directed by Tom Lamb and Anthony Shields. The following individuals make up the rest of the steering committee that coordinate the annual event: Aaron Griffin, Bucky Bush, Richard Free, Reesa Azar, Vicki Boatwright, Zena Brown, Kim Spivey, and Michael Haggerty.

I got a head start in hardware development thru my competitions at tech fair.
— John Smith, Tech Fair Competitor 2005-2010

Participation Statistics

  • 千亿体育网站Over 1000 students participated last year at State level

  • 千亿体育网站Over 8000 students participated state-wide last year.

  • more...

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